Display Case Lighting

Display case lighting, or showcase lighting, is a way to bring life to your display items for commercial or home use. Without light, there is no way for viewers to recognize the shape, color, texture or design of your most precious items. This is why finding the correct display case lighting is crucial to the success of your display or showcase.  Sometimes called low voltage strip lighting, these linear light sources are designed for both commercial and residential lighting applications.

Display Case Lighting Wiring Diagram When choosing the proper display case lighting for your particular situation, there are several things to consider such as:

How much space do you have to hide your display case lights? If space is a concern, try the xenon light strip, which has the lowest profile, or puck lights, which can be recess-mounted, to allow for further maneuverability in small spaces.  Miniature recessed lights are also very good in small spaces and some are adjustable.  If the shelves of your display case are solid wood or anything not transparent like glass shelving and cannot be lit only from the top, you may light each shelf or run them up each of the sides using Phantom Lighting Strips.

How much time do you have to install your lights? Are you going to install the lights yourself, or hire an electrician? If you are concerned with installing your display case lights, the typical solution would be to find undercabinet lights that are outlet-operated, as opposed to hardwired. Try a Micro-fluorescent T4 fixture, or Fluorescent T5 Swivel Stick, which are the easiest to install. Puck lights are also a good in between choice for easy installation.

How is your display case lighting going to be used? Do you want to be able to adjust the amount of light your display case lighting produces?  A dimmer will make for a fully customizable lighting atmosphere. Remember that most fluorescents aren’t dimmable.  Phantom display lighting products are designed for adjustable shelf lighting applications.

Where are your display lighting fixtures going to be positioned? If you are planning on keeping your display case lights in an enclosed space, you should check to find out how hot or cool your lights will operate, to avoid possible fire or heat damage to your items. Fluorescent light fixtures tend to be the coolest, and give off very little heat. Xenon light fixtures are hotter than the fluorescent light fixtures, but are still cooler than the halogen light fixtures. Halogens are most commonly used in retail displays because the brilliant light makes gems really sparkle. If you are highlighting crystal objects, this would be the best. If antique fabrics are involved, such as a doll’s dress, the halogen would more likely affect the fabric and might not be the best choice. Phantom Lighting products have special LED festoon lamps that generate little to no heat and are your best option for these situations.

What type of energy consumption do you want your lights to operate under? If energy consumption is a concern, try a fluorescent display case light, because fluorescent lighting is usually the most energy efficient.