What To Look For In Security Lighting

Security lighting has been in use for more than a century, providing people with the means to see at night, and therefore, the ability to spot intruders and criminals before they can strike. Wallpack Security Lights For SaleHowever, it’s not effective to just bombard an area with illumination, as this can produce glare or violate ordinances if the fixtures are too bright. Also, elements such as energy efficiency and color temperature also have to be considered, as they can affect how the system operates. Ideally, property owners select a set of fixtures that can be controlled, are energy efficient and reliable, as any system that is prone to failure is one that will be a liability.

Safe and Sound: What to Look for in Security Lighting

Adding fixtures to a property doesn’t produce a direct relationship with safety. What matters is how the fixtures are placed, and what fixtures are used, not just how many are present. For this reason, property owners have to make smart decisions about what technology to use, and in most cases, the smart decision is LED technology. LED fixtures provide an impressive collection of benefits, and makes the most sense for nighttime safety. Specifically, it offers:LED Spot Lights

  1. Unmatched energy efficiency and reliability. LED fixtures operate at the best watt to lumen ratio in the industry, outputting a comparable level of illumination to high discharge lamps at a fraction of the energy cost. This is important for fixtures that are expected to operate around the clock, as operational costs can be kept to manageable levels.
  2. Superior color representation. LED fixtures offer far more color options than high discharge lamps, which tend to remain in the red to yellow band. With extended color range, LED fixtures can make it easier to differentiate colors, which can make it easier to detect intruders. It also supports surveillance cameras that rely on adequate illumination to check for breaches.
  3. Excellent controllability. Traditional high discharge lamps are difficult to control, as they rely on outdated underlying technology. LED fixtures, though, are built on solid state electronics, which allow for precise control over the fixture’s electrical components. With this added layer of controllability, it’s easy to attach things like dimmers, timers or occupancy sensors to get more efficient use out of security lighting. Occupancy sensors, in particular, can be set to respond to any infrared signal, so they will only switch the fixtures on when a mammal comes into view. Timers and dimmers ensure the fixtures aren’t wasting power during low priority times.
  4. Added durability. Security lighting is frequently vandalized, and this is a problem for high discharge lamps, which can be easily damaged. LED fixtures, again, are built on solid state electronics, which are more durable than standard fixtures. Also, LED fixtures are usually contained behind tough, thick glass, giving the fixtures added protection from vandals.

Safety should be a top priority for every property owner, and security lighting in the form of LED fixtures is an effective, cost-efficient means of promoting that safety.