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Commercial lighting extends to every sector of the business world. After all, every organization needs lighting of some variety. Fortunately, for every lighting need there’s an optimal solution, and making sure a business receives the illumination they need has never been easier.

Let’s examine five of the most common lighting types on the market. By considering these lighting varieties, companies can get an idea of a few of the options out there as well as some aspects of lighting that they may not have considered.

Parking Lot LightingParking Lot Lighting

Many businesses in the United States today simply cannot operate without a parking lot. Parking lots are often one of the most high-traffic areas of a businesses, both in terms of foot traffic and automobile movement.

However, all this traffic can lead to problems when the sun goes down and the darkness sets in. As a result, it’s crucial for the security and safety of a business and its patrons to keep a well-lit parking lot where everyone can clearly see their surroundings and maintain their safety.

Parking lot lighting has specific requirements. For one, it must be able to withstand year-round outdoor conditions, such as ice and snow or extreme heat, and therefore must be constructed of durable materials capable of enduring extreme weather.

Next, parking lot lighting should be able to illuminate large spaces, providing maximum visibility. As a result, today’s lighting in parking lots often takes the form of light poles with ultra-efficient LED lighting.

Due to the nature of pole lighting, an engineer or electrician should be consulted before installation, and factors such as soil type and environmental conditions should be considered before settling on pole specifications.

Sports Lighting sportslighting_tennis_court

Whether the location is a tennis court, basketball court, baseball or softball field, or horse arena, lighting is a resource that requires extensive consideration for both the safety and general functionality of a sporting location.

Sports venues of all varieties are places where fast-moving individuals, high-speed projectiles, and groups of spectators mix. As a result, understanding exactly what a location or venue needs is extremely important for making the most out of lighting any court, field, or arena out there.

In outdoor venues, sports lighting is in many ways similar to parking lot lighting: both varieties must take into account constant exposure to the elements and must illuminate large areas. However, outdoor lighting must also take into consideration aspects of the realities of sports and therefore must, for example, be able to withstand projectiles.

Sign Lights gooseneck sign light

What good is a sign that nobody can see? It’s important that signs remain visible, particularly during the colder months of the year, when the nights grow long and the days are shorter. With proper sign lighting, signs will remain visible for as long as a business needs to keep them illuminated, no matter how dark it gets.

Signs have specific illumination demands. For example, attention should be drawn to the message and not to a bright light intended to help display it. In addition, signs come in a vast variety of types and are produced for a catalogue of purposes, and therefore lights must be flexible to handle those needs—a challenge that gooseneck lights, for example, often meet.

 Indoor Lighting Florescent Lighting

Indoor lighting is crucial for the day-to-day needs of a business, illuminating products, storage rooms, and other facilities. While indoor lighting won’t be exposed to the elements, lighting projects within enclosed structures come with their own requirements.

Many businesses have specialized indoor lighting needs, particularly for security solutions (security lights) and display needs (decorative lighting). And when it comes to indoor lighting in particular, the options are nearly limitless, and with the assistance of lighting professionals, just about any indoor lighting project concept can be made into a reality.

 Landscape and Other Outdoor Lighting Landscape Lighting

As mentioned above, outdoor lighting comes with elemental and environmental challenges, and each type—from underwater lighting, path lights, bollards, and flood and spot lights—has its own considerations. However, these challenges are not necessarily limitations, as seasoned professionals in the lighting industry can tackle just about any commercial lighting project that a business may need and come up with the perfect solution.