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You’ve spent countless hours shaping your yard, making it the ideal outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining. Wouldn’t it be nice if your landscape was just as stunning at night as it is when it’s sunny? Wouldn’t it be nice to get a little extra security and safety when walking around, regardless of the time of day?

Landscape and outdoor lighting can help with that. Landscape fixtures are designed for outdoor areas and features, including exterior walls, trees, and walkways. They deliver just enough light and produce it exactly where it’s needed, so they strike a perfect balance between visibility and ambiance.

Seven Types of Landscape Lighting and Their Applications

There are hundreds of outdoor lighting products on the market, but they can be grouped into several categories. They all serve their purpose, so your landscape lighting solution will likely include several of these fixtures:

  • Bullet lightsBullet lights are called such because they’re bullet-shaped, and this fixture design makes for a strongly directional light. This makes bullet fixtures a good choice for accent lighting purposes as they can be used in the same way spotlights are.
    Any interesting feature or area in your yard is a good target for bullet lighting. A sculpture, a tree, something hanging from the wall – a bullet light will make any or all of these features look a bit more dramatic.
  • Flood lightsFlood lights are high output fixtures that can fill any outside location with a lot of illumination. They are also designed with a wider beam angle, so they don’t fire a focused beam like bullet fixtures do. Instead, they’re used in a general lighting role that’s useful for illuminating a deck, a driveway, or patios.
  • Path lightsPath lights are short fixtures designed for placement in a garden or along walkways. They stand a foot or so high and emit illumination downwards, so they create gentle pools of light that people can use to safely navigate the space after dark.
    The classic path light looks like a little umbrella, but there are plenty more styles that can be matched to any property.
  • Bollard lightsBollard lights are named after the bollard posts that are installed on docks. There, bollards are used to secure boats to shore. In landscaping, bollard lights are used to illuminate paths, walkways, and even parking areas.
    Bollard lights stand a little higher off the ground, usually between 2-4 feet, though they can be much taller. The lamp itself is placed inside the top of the bollard post, which is transparent or open so the lamp can emit in all directions. This omnidirectional feature makes bollard lights a good choice when you need a path light that produces a bit more illumination.
  • Pendant lightsPendant lights are suspended from a ceiling or overhang, and their primary purpose is for decorative or task lighting applications. They’re a common choice for covered porches and verandas, but they’re also effective for backyard structures like pergolas, arbors, and outdoor kitchens. Here, they can provide enough illumination to see, work, and entertain by.
  • Security lightsSecurity lighting is generally just flood lighting with additional controls. Security fixtures rely on occupancy sensors that detect heat signatures (infrared) or motion. If motion or thermal energy is detected, the sensors instantly trigger the flood lights. Photocells are another popular option for security lighting, as they provide dusk-to-dawn capabilities. When there’s significant ambient light, the photocells ensure the security lights stay off. When the sun drops, the photocells tell the security lights to switch on.
  • In-ground (well) lightsWell lights are installed underground and aimed upwards, creating a vertical column of illumination. These fixtures are waterproof and coated with a corrosion-resistant layer to ensure long-term function. Well lights produce a sophisticated, majestic effect that can be used to illuminate trees (skinny ones in particular) or for wall washing.

LED Lights Are Now The First Option in Landscape Fixtures

LED lighting is replacing older fixture technologies in a lot of applications, and it’s now in widespread use among landscape lighting experts as well. Why is LED lighting a popular choice for outdoor spaces? Because LED offers several advantages, including:

  • Easy, low-maintenance operation – LED fixtures are built to last, with components that aren’t fragile and susceptible to failure. You can’t say that about incandescent, halogen or fluorescent lights. With their enhanced durability, LED lights are less likely to fail because they were dropped during shipping or placement.
    LED lights also require almost zero maintenance during their operating life. Once installed, you can leave them alone for years before they need attention.
  • A longer lifespan – LED lamps last longer than all other lighting options, providing at least 50,000 hours of illumination before replacement is likely needed. However, many LED lamps will perform for much longer, with some operating upwards of 100,000 hours before a new bulb is needed.
    Their extended lifespan makes LED landscape lighting a convenient choice for both home and business owners. With LEDs, you won’t have to burn time and energy constantly switching out bulbs.
  • Enhanced safety – LED lighting generates almost zero radiant heat during operation, so it won’t burn pets or curious children that may touch the lamp. As landscape fixtures are installed among plants and trees, minimal heat output is an important safety feature.
    Further, there are plenty of low voltage outdoor lights to choose from, which are safer than line voltage lights when used in an outdoor application.
  • High quality illumination – LED fixtures emit high quality illumination that is available in a wide range of color and color temperature options.
    LED fixtures emit evenly, with fewer hot or dead spots than other lighting technologies. That makes LED lighting a superior choice for improving visibility. Also, modern LED lights are available with high CRI (color rendering index) ratings. High-CRI lights represent colors accurately, which makes it easier to spot those colors from a distance. That’s ideal for security and aesthetic reasons.

LED Spot Has A Deep Selection of Landscape and Outdoor Lighting For Any Project

Landscape and outdoor lighting fixtures come in every style and design imaginable, so many property owners find it challenging to find the best fixtures for their needs. That’s where the LED Spot team can provide valuable assistance. We keep a large inventory of fixtures on hand, including outdoor LED bulbs.

If you’re starting or thinking about starting a landscape lighting project, we can help you select the best fixtures for the job and assist with installation. That way, your property will look its best whether it is day or night.