Outdoor Lighting Transformers

Outdoor lighting transformers allow for the creation and installation of low voltage lighting systems.  They efficiently and safely convert line voltage (120V current) to low voltage (12V current.Outdoor Lighting TransformerBy reducing power consumption in this manner, outdoor lighting transformers eliminate the risk of electrical shock to children and pets, and they reduce electrical usage and subsequently help generate reduced power costs.  Outdoor lighting transformers are a favored accessory applauded by residential and commercial clients alike because they allow lighting systems to stay on all night and automatically shut lighting systems off when the sun rises.  When looking through our impressive selection today, pay careful attention to a number of key features that distinguish LED Spot’s outdoor transformers as superior, commercial grade units capable of powering any lighting system designed for commercial or residential outdoor lighting.

Our selection of outdoor lighting transformers consists primarily of magnetic devices.  Magnetic units are adequate for tasks where the actual size of the transformer does not have to exactly correlate to the wattage of the fixtures being used.  Because many LED Spot clients are landscaping and lighting design companies seeking equipment with which to serve their clientele, we categorize our inventory by wattage capacity to make purchasing a quick and simple process.  Residential clients looking to light their own home landscapes can determine the required wattage in their order by following the same simple rule of thumb that commercial clients of LED Spot follow in choosing transformers for outdoor lighting.  The transformer’s wattage should total the sum of the wattage of all attached fixtures and accessories.  We have several outdoor lighting transformers designed for both new systems and retrofitted upgrades to existing systems.  Many of these outdoor transformers control lighting systems with photometric timers.  These timers sense when dawn begins to break and power off the landscape lights as a result.  To protect vital components from elemental forces, outdoor lighting transformers are also made from very durable materials such as heavy extruded aluminum housing, and rain-tight enclosures to ensure a long life and to operate safely at high temperatures.

Only in the case of certain decorative pieces like outdoor wall sconces and hanging outdoor pendant lanterns does one need the more advanced capabilities of electronic outdoor lighting transformer.  LED Spot has a growing selection of these models, and they represent the cutting edge of transformer technology in the world of outdoor lighting.  They combine housings that are high temperature rated in lightweight and compact designs.  They also work equally well in new or retrofit applications and manufactured with electronic short circuit and overload protection built into their designs.  They are moisture and shock resistant too, and they consistently perform at 95% efficiency regardless of surrounding weather conditions.

Virtually any business or individual benefits receives many great benefits from a complete or hybrid low voltage outdoor lighting system.  “Pure” line voltage systems are usually only necessary for exceptionally bright lighting such as that found in commercial security support.  Low voltage systems actually provide superior decorative light in many cases because they are less intense.  The opportunity for special effects and layered lighting techniques increases dramatically if one installs a low voltage outdoor lighting system or a transformer that adds a low voltage segment to an existing landscape design.  It is never a bad thing for any business or individual to save money with such a conversion to low voltage lighting.  Investing in a low voltage lighting system can accrue immediate savings on every subsequent power bill.  In some parts of the country as well, certain businesses in remote or environmentally sensitive areas are governed by strict environmental laws regarding pollution and hazards to wildlife.  Having a low voltage lighting system that will not harm animals can conceivably prevent penalties and liabilities, and even help a company’s public relations.  Some commercial insurance providers may also be willing to adjust rates favorably for clients on the basis that outdoor lighting transformers and low voltage outdoor lights represents a very significant and reliable reduction of fire hazard.  LED Spot does not guarantee this, of course, but we do recommend at least looking into the possibility.

LED Sot helps any serious inquirers as well either through email or when they call to place orders.  Why not contact us today, and get free help in finding exactly what components you need for your lighting systems?