Outdoor Wall Lights For More Curb Appeal & Security

Outdoor wall lights, usually in the form of decorative sconces, are a popular addition for homeowner that want to add a little more curb appeal, and a little more security to their exterior space. Exterior lighting is a smart addition to both residential and commercial properties, and especially commercial properties that rely on steady foot traffic. The presence of decorative outdoor lighting can make a property appear more inviting, which can be comforting for homeowners, and a way to garner extra customers for business owners. And with LED technology, wall sconces can be operated day and night while consuming little power.

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Push the Boundaries

One way to think of exterior lighting is in terms of boundaries. At night, and without exterior lighting, the functional edge of the property is the edge of the house or business. By adding lights to the building’s outside walls, this edge can be pushed back, allowing property owners to utilize their exterior spaces more effectively. It’s like slapping on an extra room or two without paying the punishing construction costs that come with them.

Exterior lighting, even decorative lighting, is enough to make better use of outdoor spaces. But beyond this simple functionality, what do walls sconces bring to a property? Consider these impressive benefits:

  1. LED Security LightsEnhances the atmosphere – Decorative sconces work best when they are used to frame a door, light up pathways or establish a space that is meant to be used at night. For example, homeowners often install wall sconces around patios and gazebos, which makes these areas accessible at night. Wall sconces are aesthetically pleasing and produce softer illumination, so they do not dominate the space. Instead, they create a nice, warm backdrop that is ideal for making people feel comfortable. Business owners can use this to full effect, making their storefronts or outdoor seating areas feel friendly and inviting. Restaurants, hotels and bars are a few examples of businesses that should target exterior wall lighting.
  2. LED Wall SconceBrings safety and security – Every bit of lighting is an aesthetic bonus, and provides a boost to safety and security. Well-lit areas dissuade illegal activity and make it easier for surveillance cameras to do their job. For safety reasons, business owners are encouraged to set up outdoor wall lights around the property, and not just the front of the business. This is particularly true when patrons may park behind the building. No one wants to approach a dark building from behind, but wall sconces ensure they won’t have to. Don’t discount the feeling of security, either, which light helps evoke. If people feel secure, they are more likely to walk up to the business and enter.
  3. Improves visibility – Sometimes, a little extra light is needed just to ensure people can find their way around the property. While this is largely a matter of convenience on residential properties, it may be a legal concern for business owners. If people trip and hurt themselves, the lack of exterior lighting may be a problematic factor if the injured person files legal action. In residential settings, homeowners typically want their guests to arrive without getting hurt, and wall sconces along paths makes it easier for them to navigate. And with an extra wash of lighting around the door, no one will have to fumble in the dark for the lock.
  4. Adds curb appeal – To some homeowners, aesthetics are the reason for installing new fixtures. Enhancing the curb appeal of a home can be a point of pride for many, and wall sconces are one of the easiest ways to make an instant improvement to how the home looks at night. There are few investments into the house that will make the kind of immediate return that wall sconces will.

Wall sconces are an easy sell to most property owners, but the rise of LED lamps have made them even more attractive. While LED lighting is known for its role in parking lot and commercial lighting, it is also an ideal pick for aesthetic applications, including wall sconce installations.

LEDs and Outdoor Wall Lighting – a Natural Pair

LED lighting is quickly replacing older lighting technologies, and has made a major impact in municipal, commercial and industrial lighting. But LED fixtures are a smart choice for the home as well, as they can offer considerable cost savings and controllability. Homeowners that keep their wall sconces on all night know that those energy costs can add up, but LEDs can bring that to heel. Specifically, this is what LED fixtures can offer a homeowner:

  1. Unmatched efficiency – No lighting technology is as efficient as LED fixtures. This is true no matter how the light is used, and what setting it is used in. In residential settings, incandescent lamps are still a favorite option for the warm glow they bring. But as most people know by now, incandescent bulbs are extremely inefficient, spending most of their energy on producing infrared light and heat. It’s a waste, and several incandescent replacements are available on the market. Among them are LED lamps, which are 85 percent more efficient than incandescent lights, on average. LEDs are so efficient because they produce light at the atomic level, a process that is very precise with how it spends energy. Residential lighting represents about 15 percent of a home’s overall energy costs, so the reduction in consumption will produce measureable cost benefits.
  2. Strong directional qualities – LEDs are a designer’s dream because they can be aimed in any direction, and hit their target with excellent accuracy. LED fixtures are directional, so they focus their beam wherever a homeowner wants them to go. This can make it easier for a designer to light interesting features or elements, and provide extra illumination to paths and doorways.
  3. Easy compatibility with controls – LEDs are fixed to solid state electronics, which means they operate using circuitry, rather than unstable filaments or electrodes. This reliable, precise means of light production means the fixture can be readily tied to controls. Dimmer controls, for example, allow home and business owners to set the desired output level of the fixtures, reducing energy consumption or increasing light levels as needed. Motion sensors trigger when someone walks near the fixture, which can provide both convenience and safety for a property.
  4. Incredible reliability – LED fixtures are maintenance free, for the most part. For several years after their installation, no maintenance should be required, unless something unusual happens. LEDs emit little heat, are protected by tough glass and are built on stable circuitry, so they are as close to damage-proof as a light can get. And their drivers are just as durable, often outlasting the fixture itself. Home and business owners can expect between 50,000 and 100,000 hours from their LED light, and they preserve most of their output right up to the point that they reach the end of life.

Wall sconces give property owners an easy way to add visual punch and extra security to their home or business. And with LED lighting providing the system’s backbone, adding exterior lighting won’t mean adding much in the way of cost.