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Ground Mounted Sign Lights

Whether for elaborate community entrances or commercial advertising, ground mounted sign lights direct an upward beam of light on walls and signs for a pleasant aesthetic. LED Spot offers a variety of ground mounted fixtures and can assist in illuminating signs of all sizes.

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24W High Output Flood Light

A lower wattage linear fluorescent fixture. Perfect for ground mounted signs, outdoor sculptures, or other features in the landscape.

Buy Now: $214.98
List Price: $231.98

39W High Output Flood Light

A linear fluorescent fixture designed to highlight sculptures, signs, and other outdoor features. Produces efficient light ouput and complements the environment.

Buy Now: $231.98
List Price: $249.98

54W Hight Output Flood Light

Ground mounted flourescent fixture perfect for all monument style signs, rock walls, brick facades, and a variety of other outdoor features.

Buy Now: $239.98
List Price: $257.98

LED Linear Lights

Linear lighting fixtures for mounting on walls and ceilings. Ground mounted options allow for low level sign lighting.

Buy Now: $178.98
List Price: $192.98
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