Why You Need Krypton Lamps

There are many krypton lamps options available, and if you have specific bulb needs for a fixture, you might feel overwhelmed in making your selection. A good option for many with chandeliers and other fixtures requiring similar bulbs, you might want to consider krypton lamps. These lights have several distinct advantages over other incandescent lights and even over fluorescents. If you are not sure if you should choose krypton bulbs, talk to an expert. He will help you to narrow down your possible options. Make sure that you can tell him the exact type of lighting fixture you have. You should also be able to convey where it is and what is to be lit with it. Armed with this knowledge, an expert can help you pick the best bulbs for your specific lighting fixture needs.

What are krypton lamps?

These lights are incandescents, but they have had some modifications made to them. Through these improvements, you will find that krypton bulbs have better performance than their incandescent cousins. An incandescent lamp is just a bulb with a filament inside it and a gas in the globe. If this gas is halogen, the lights are called halogens, but halogen lights also have an additional gas in a small amount in the lamp as well. When krypton is used in a halogen bulb it can help to make the light from the bulb purer and whiter. This means that it will be better for indoor lighting applications where coloring is important. Oftentimes regular halogens will have light that is too yellow for many homeowners tastes, that is why they opt for krypton lamps instead.

Krypton lamps have a slightly higher initial investment than traditional incandescent bulbs, but you will very quickly reap a return on your lights. One of the most important advantages to krypton lights is their long lives. This is due to their low wattage they require to operate. If you install a low voltage halogen or incandescent, you will need a transformer to “step down” the 120 volts to the amount required by the lamp, but krypton lamps use 120 volts so they will not need a transformer to be installed for their powering.

You will often find these lights for use in chandeliers. Their purer whiter light is better suited for indoor lighting applications. Many people do not like the yellowish hue cast by some lamps. In such applications the slightly higher price of a krypton bulb is worth it. It will save on eye strain. If your lights are to be in a room where reading or close up work is to be done, you will want to choose the whiter  krypton lamps over other incandescents.

Choosing these lamps is not difficult to do, but if you need assistance in finding the best krypton lamps for your home or business, it would be best to ask an expert who will help to guide you through the steps for the selection of these bulbs.