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 The Metal Halide Ballast Kits and Mercury Vapor Ballast Kits are equipped to power outdoor fixtures up to 1000 Watts. We carry the necessary parts for these ballasts which include the Medium Mercury Vapor Ballast compatible with 100 to 175 Watts and the Metal Halide Capacitor which pairs with metal halide ballasts from 100 to 1500 Watts. LED Spot also carries replacement parts such as the Metal Halide Ballast Ignitor which fits any brand metal halide ballast. If you have any questions about ordering ballasts and other related parts, feel free to call us at (281) 972-5006.

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Metal Halide Ballast Kit

Metal halide ballast kit with ignitor. 50-1000 watt models available.

Buy Now: $68.98
List Price: $74.98

Small Mercury Vapor Ballast Enclosure

Aluminum enclosure with mercury vapor ballast included. Available in 50 or 100 watts.

Buy Now: $72.98
List Price: $77.98

Medium Mercury Vapor Ballast Enclosure

Medium sized ballast enclosure in bronze, black, green, or white. Pre-installed hub allows for easy fixture mounting.

Buy Now: $78.98
List Price: $84.98

Large Mercury Vapor Ballast Enclosure

Mercury vapor ballast enclosure with 400 watt maximum. Durable aluminum withstands all weather elements.

Buy Now: $190.98
List Price: $204.98

Dual Ballast Steel Enclosure

Steel enclosure with two ballasts included. Choose between three wattage options.

Buy Now: $147.98
List Price: $158.98

TDB4W Metal Halide Ballast

Replacement ballast for Techlight inground fixtures. For use in TDB4W models only.

Buy Now: $97.98
List Price: $105.98
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