Interior LED Lighting Is Efficient & Long Lived

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Just a decade ago, the idea of interior LED lights would have been considered something of a dream, but it’s increasingly becoming a reality for home and business owners. Commercial LED LightingDiode technology is an impressively efficient and long-lived option, and in truth, it always has been. Diodes run on underlying circuitry that enables a much more precise expenditure of energy, something that traditional sources of illumination cannot claim. But what has made diode fixtures a viable option, and a superior choice to incandescent or fluorescent technology, is that they can emit any color and can be controlled with ease.

Interior LED Lights do it With Diodes!

Interior LED lights are the obvious choice for too many reasons to count. For decades, incandescent fixtures have been the standard, mostly because they offer the kind of warm, soft illumination that people feel comfortable with. Fluorescent tubes are also still a mainstay, especially in commercial applications, as they offer better efficiency, though they aren’t as attractive and may even be harsh to some people.

Diode fixtures can now boast the kind of warmth and comfort that incandescent fixtures offer, and better efficiency than fluorescent tubes can produce. In short, the case for diode technology is getting stronger all the time, and is close to irrefutable at this point. Parts of that case include:

  1. LED Fluorescent Replacement LightsSuperior longevity – The one thing property owners don’t want to deal with is constant replacement of bulbs and maintenance. Diode fixtures are unmatched in this area, as they can offer up to 100,000 hours of performance, and with little need of maintenance prior to replacement. In fact, diode fixtures are often maintenance free for several years following installation.
  2. Excellent customizability – What has held diode fixtures back in the past is the ability to produce enough output at every color. Now, diodes can emit impressive output at every wavelength, from ultra-violets to deep reds, and everything in between. This gives property owners a lot of options in creating the ideal mood and feel they want in every space.
  3. Compact build – Diodes are extremely compact, especially when compared to fluorescent tubes. This compact structure means they can be installed in tight spaces and used to create interesting effects. For example, strip fixtures can be used to illuminate shelving, cabinets, closets and vanity areas without the fixtures being visible.
  4. Precise controllability – Interior LED lights, because they operate on solid state electronics, can also be controlled in ways that other fixtures cannot be. It is much easier, for instance, to attach dimmers to a run of diode strips than with other fixtures, and to do so without significant losses. Diode fixtures can be tied to timers, motion controls and even controls that enable the fixtures to flash or change color.

This is a set of features that any property owner could use, whether that property is residential or commercial in nature. Interior LED lights are the future of illumination, and thankfully the present as well.