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Decorative Pole Lighting

LED Spot offers a unique selection of decorative poles and post top fixtures for parks, residential complexes, and street lights. Choose between complete packages or individual acorn globes, fluted poles, and base covers. If you don't see what you're looking for, give us a call at (281) 972-5006.

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Acorn Globe Kit (Style 1)

Decorative lighting pole kit with acorn globe, lamp, pole, and base. Variety of customizations available.

Buy Now: $679.98
List Price: $783.98

Acorn Globe Kit (Style 2)

Acrylic globe fixture with a variety of accessories available. Inlcusive kit with lamp options, pole, and base.

Buy Now: $687.98
List Price: $793.98

Prismatic Globe Kit

Lighting kit with a variety of accessories and customizations. Includes prismatic globe, lamp, and CL1 fluted pole.

Buy Now: $906.98
List Price: $1,045.98

M8 Post Top

LED post top fixture for parks, living communities, and commercial areas. Includes options for lens, color, and wattage. 

Buy Now: $194.98
List Price: $209.98

Hook Mount Lighting Pole

Decorative street light with hook mount arm and shade style luminaire. Available in three lamp types.


LED Hook Mount Lighting Pole Kit

LED lighting kit with sustainable fixture. Light pole available in two heights and five colors.


LED Large Hook Mount Lighting Pole Kit

Hook mount lighting kit with large ornamental fixture. Sustainable LED replaces metal halide fixtures and reduce energy costs.


LED Bell Fixture Kit

Bell shaped fixture lighting package. Includes LED fixture and round, steel pole.


LED Large Bell Fixture Kit

Light pole kit with large bell shaped fixture and decorative mounting styles.


LED Decorative Acorn Kit

LED lighting pole kit with acorn-style fixture. Includes 4" round pole and decorative bases.


LED Crown Acorn Kit

All-inclusive lighting kit with fixture, pole, and base. LED acorn globe with oval band and decorative straps.


LED Round Fixture Kit

LED light pole kit with round fixture, 4" steel pole, and fluted bases. Available in a variety of colors.


LED Large Round Fixture Kit

Lighting package with a variety of customizations. Includes large round fixture with pole and base.


LED Fluted Round Fixture Kit

LED lighting kit with pole included. Great for parks, sidewalks, and living communities.


LED Large Fluted Round Fixture Kit

Round lighting fixture package in a variety of colors. Energy efficient and lasts longer than Metal Halide lamps.


Lifestyle Classic Hook Mounting Arm

Decorative hook mount available in several colors and configurations. Made for LSI fixtures and poles.


Lifestyle Side Arm Mounting Bracket

Straight, side arm for mounting up to four fixtures on a pole. Designed for LSI Lifestyle fixtures and poles.


Lifestyle Universal Pole Clamp Mounting Arm

Mounting accessory that clamp around a 4" or 5" pole. Available in single our double fixture configurations. Pole and fixtures not included.


LED Lifestyle Decorative Light Pole

Decorative lighting package with pole, mounting arm(s), and fixture(s). Available in seven unique finishes.


LED Lifestyle Luminaire

Lighting fixture with sustainable LED illumination. Decorative style for classic, elegant aesthetic in parks and communities.


LED Post Top Fixture

LED post top fixture with Type V optic. Modern design with durable construction.

Buy Now: $418.98
List Price: $450.98

78W LED Post Top Fixture

Contemporary post top fixture with 360 degree light pattern. Ideal for parks and large outdoor areas.

Buy Now: $478.98
List Price: $515.98

M9 LED Post Top

Energy-efficient LED fixture includes wattage and color options. Ideal for 3" poles and tenons. 

Buy Now: $474.98
List Price: $510.98

LED Modern Post Top

Contemporary fixture with two wattage options. Ideal for commercial and residential areas. 

Buy Now: $532.98
List Price: $573.98
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