Landscape Lighting Contractors

Many landscape lighting contractors are sole proprietors who rely on a handful of employees or a pool of subcontract labor.  As such, they may not appear large enough in the eyes of major manufacturers to qualify for preferred vendor status. Having to pay more for commercial and specification grade equipment than do many larger companies, landscape lighting contractors may at times feel tempted to use imported products or retail grade outdoor lighting fixtures to pass on savings to their clients and maintain their own profit margins.  This never pays off in the long run for either the landscape lighting contractor or the client because inferior grade materials and retail substitutions of commercial grade fixtures will not perform with optimal efficiently, nor will they withstand the pressures of the elements for any extended period of time.  The money saved on the front end will be spent later on high energy bills and replacements costs.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting Contractors

There is a better alternative to this — and one that will pass on both savings and long-term return on investment to both landscape contractors and clients alike.

Because we hold preferred vendor status with manufacturers of top commercial grade landscape lighting equipment made mainly in the USA, and because we rely upon no complicated system of warehousing or shipping through expensive third-party agencies, we can pass on wholesale prices to the small independent contractor in landscape lighting design and give that individual access to both products and prices that only larger firms enjoy through privileged relationships.

This allows the independent lighting designer to now compete with larger companies on a level playing field by proposing systems that feature the best engineering quality, luminance output, and energy efficiency ratings found anywhere in the world.

We sell only specification grade commercial lighting products made mainly in the U.S.A.

This is because imported lighting equipment may have questionable origins and quality assurance standards that make any promises made by the landscape lighting contractor problematic in terms of an ideal outcome.  Many products, though very inexpensive, have little documentation of quality control and little if any warranty.  They are therefore unreliable components to prose to commercial clients.

Landscape Lighting

Retail grade fixtures have similar issues, primarily with the quality of the materials used to build them and the engineering of optical controls within the fixtures.  Generally speaking, retail-grade fixtures will not use power as efficiently as commercial grade equivalents, nor will they offer the same glare shielding and reflectors that are essential to controlling the beam and minimizing light pollution.  Landscape lighting contractors who install retail grade fixture may end up raising an already high light bill for their clients or even place them in violation of dark sky laws.

These concerns are eliminated simply by using equipment already designed and tested to be the best.  American made landscape lighting fixtures and accessories will add credibility and certainty to any contractor proposal.  These products are designed to maximize a client’s return on investment by using less energy than the lights they are installed to replace and to save the client money on future replacement costs by working reliably for the entirety of their anticipated lifespan.  Should anything go wrong with a piece of equipment, there is a full manufacturer’s warranty on each part passed on to each client as a secondary benefit of working with LED Spot.

New landscape lighting contractors who work with LED Spot Commercial Lighting can take the lead immediately in their industry by taking advantage of partnership with LED Spot.  Our voluminous inventory contains virtually every fixture imaginable, and most can be customized to some extent or the other in glare shielding and reflector configurations.  At the end of the day, this only gives the lighting designer more options to propose, and more power of proposal with a cost cautious client.

Take Advantage of LED Spot Commercial Lighting Consultation and Planning Services

If you are a small landscape lighting company, we can help you either work like a large company or ultimately expand into a large company through some key and highly advantageous partnership opportunities we offer to landscape lighting contractors.  Foremost among these services is access to very high-end and sophisticated lighting design software that is used to generate photometric analyses of commercial properties and structures.  This software, though often beyond the price range of a small company or startup lighting design firm, can be make readily available to any client of LED Spot.  All a landscape lighting contractor needs to provide our staff with is basic data about the client’s location, which we will then use to generate a systematic and itemized plan of action.

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This analysis often helps a contractor outcompete a larger landscape lighting company that may have neglected to conduct such an analysis in their estimate of services.

Landscape lighting contractors can also avoid the negatives of lost time and parts shortages by working with LED Spot’s staff of lighting design experts.  Because we work with the largest US manufacturers on a nationwide basis, we can bypass the polyglots of local parts shortages and kinks in the chain of regional distribution.  Our specialists will find the landscape contractor the best possible products to use in their projects, and we will do all the research necessary to ensure full compliance with local energy and light pollution regulatory codes.

Call now to talk to a specialist about your next proposal, and let us help you help your client with equipment build to last with superior luminance and reliability in aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency.