Getting The Most Out Of Residential Landscape Lighting

Residential landscape lighting allows homeowners to make the most of their property, enhancing the house’s aesthetics, security and functionality. Exterior illumination systems are varied in their appearance and arrangement, so there is a great deal of customization available to the homeowner and the design expert they bring in to oversee the project. And with the continued adoption of LED technology for exterior illumination applications, homeowners can get a system that runs reliably without straining their energy bill.

The Purpose of Residential Landscape Lighting

Residential Landscape LightsThe obvious reason for setting up outdoor fixtures is to get the most out of the property, day and night. At night, the lack of visibility and safety outside effectively pushes the boundaries of the home right up to its exterior walls. This may not be a big deal to some homeowners, but to others, it’s a waste. Exterior fixtures push the functional space of the property at night, giving homeowners more space to entertain guests, relax a bit or just get some late night yardwork in. There is a lot to like about outdoor illumination, and it can do the following:

  1. Create functional areas – Again, exterior fixtures are ideal for establishing functional spaces, but homeowners often underestimate just how precise these systems can be. A common cause for concern is that the fixtures will be a disturbance to neighbors, but advanced illumination systems, such as LED systems, can be easily controlled by a designer. Using these fixtures, illumination is confined to the yard and to the areas that are intended for use, like patios and gazebos.
  2. Help people feel secure – Encroaching dark makes people feel uneasy and emboldens would-be criminals. Exterior fixtures ensure that people inside the house can easily see what’s going on outside around the clock, and they make walking around the property a less risky proposition. Wall sconces and ceiling fixtures mounted around the edge of the house are ideal for zoning illumination in hard to see areas, and are go-to options for fixture designers.
  3. Improve safety – Security and safety are related, but while security is about guarding the home from intruders and criminals, safety is about making sure people don’t injure themselves. It’s not big news – in the dark, people have a tendency to trip and run into things. Without enough illumination, people will walk off paths, step on gardening tools, bang their knee on a table or twist their ankle stepping into a hole. The only way to prevent this from happening is with a set of exterior fixtures.
  4. Improve the home’s curb appeal – For many homeowners, residential landscape lighting is at its best when improving the look of the house. Decorative wall sconces, for example, come in hundreds of styles, including contemporary, retro, rustic, art deco and transitional, so there is a fixture design for every aesthetic preference.

Exterior fixtures are one of those rare home additions that are quick to set up, affordable and impactful. And with LED fixtures, a system can run around the clock on little power, allowing homeowners full use of their property at all times.