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Above Grade Transformer RXT Series



The RXT Series Transformers is now the replacement for the MST Series Transformers and the WT Series Transformers.


• UL 1838 listed, the standard for low voltage landscape lighting systems

• 60, 120, 180, 300 and 600 watt output models available

• Multi Voltage output standard(12.5, 13.5 & 14.5 Volts)

• Super Terminal Lugs with capacity of 3 x #8, 5 x #10, 7 x #12 or 9 x #14 gauge wire

• 304 Stainless Steel enclosure with No. 4 brushed finish

• Removable hinged door is lockable and weather sealed

• Above grade, NEMA 3R rated, rain tight enclosure

• LED indicators for instant recognition of 120v and 12v power

• Timer Ready standard (for plug in timers)

• Optional Mechanical Timer (-T), Digital Timer (-DT) and Astro Timer (-AT) face plates can be factory or field installed

• Photocell Ready with quick connector (not on -AT models)

• Supplied with two 1/2″ conduit (trade size) holes & one 1-1/2″ inlet with plugs in bottom panel plus 2 side panel 1/2″ conduit (trade size) holes with plugs

• Break away bottom panel swings down for easy access wiring

• 11 gauge cold rolled steel ‘L’ brackets for stable mounting

• Mounting plate and hardware included

• Brushed Stainless Steel

• Long life, high efficiency 266°F (130°C) class ‘B’ rated transformer core

• Copper Shielded isolation/insulation; No contact between 120v and 12v windings

• 1500v Isolation between all windings and ground

• Grade M19 electric grade steel for superior electrical and magnetic properties

• Single phase, open core and coil

• E.L. laminated core has concentric winding and is protected by 180°C thermal switch.

• Double vacuumed impregnated with black slate flour

• Filled varnish for superior heat dissipation and noise reduction – Class 180°C

• 120v primary, 12.5v secondary 50/60 Hertz/cycle (standard)

• 6 foot 18/3 SJT-WA weatherproof grounded power cord (120v)

• ON/OFF control via rocker switch on 120v side

• Extra heavy duty (80 amp) terminal lugs

• Manually resettable circuit breakers on front panel for overload and short circuit protection

• 12″ are found in 60w,120w,180w

• 15″ are found in 300w and 600w

Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 5.5 × 5 in

60, 120, 180, 300, 600


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12", 15"


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