Golf After Sunset With Backyard Putting Green Lights

Golf After Sunset With Backyard Putting Green Lights

You’ve spent good money and plenty of time crafting the perfect backyard putting green, but can you use it once the sun goes down? If the answer isn’t yes, it’s time to consider backyard putting green lights. A putting green light provides crisp, inviting illumination for you, your friends and your guests to play by. There’s no better way to entertain on those warm summer nights.

Three Ways To Light Up Your Backyard Putting Green

You have a few options when lighting your backyard putting green. The design that will work best for your space mostly comes down to personal preference and aesthetics.

The most popular outdoor putting green lighting solutions include:

LED Down Lighting and Landscape Lighting

Down lighting and general landscape lighting can brighten up an entire backyard – not just your putting green. Down lights are called such because they emit downwards, so they can be installed along the perimeter of your home or even placed in a tree. With additional height to work with, a down fixture can emit across a larger area and provide maximum visibility.

Landscape lighting can also provide an impressive level of general illumination and can be integrated into your yard’s most impressive landscape features. Wherever you place them, LED landscape lights will bring out your backyard’s beauty, making your nighttime golfing a peaceful experience for everyone. With landscape lighting fixtures you can illuminate adjoining gardens, a patio, an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, a bar top, or even a pool deck.

If younger family members frequently use the putting green, down and landscape lighting are ideal for additional safety (and for finding any golf balls that are hit off the green).

LED Path Lights

If you’d prefer to contain your outdoor lights to the green, LED path lights are an effective option. Each path light is mounted only a couple feet off the ground and emits a tight pool of illumination directly onto the green.

Path lighting isn’t intended for general illumination purposes and isn’t going to light up an entire yard. However, what it will do is produce plenty of attractive illumination for your putting green. This lighting washes over a smaller area, produces minimal shadows and is easier to control. The effect is clean and modern.

Even better, path lighting products come in a variety of designs, so you can match the perfect fixture aesthetic to your yard. Some even have a built-in holder for a drink or golf ball.

LED Cup Lighting

If you’re looking for a truly minimalist lighting solution, LED cup fixtures provide a look you won’t find anywhere else. With an LED cup fixture the lamp is installed directly below the hole and aimed up. The effect is a vertical column of illumination that fires into the air.

Cup fixtures can be fitted with one of several colored lenses, so you can customize your light’s appearance. The effect is one of high contrast, as each cup is brightly illuminated against its darker surroundings. Pair your cup lights with a transparent flag, and it’ll be even easier to see the cup from a distance.

Every cup fixture consists of a low-voltage LED lamp (4 or 6-watt), a high-impact convex glass lens, a GU5.3 bi-pin socket, a PVC sleeve for mounting and an unfinished brass housing. These components work together to ensure your cup lighting system is protected from water and weather, while still emitting excellent quality illumination.

Four Reasons Why Golfers Choose LED Outdoor Lighting For Their Backyard Putting Greens

LED lighting is rapidly outclassing and replacing older forms of lighting, such as halogen, fluorescent and high-intensity discharge lamps. As a result, you’ll see LED fixtures everywhere these days. Whether inside a bedside lamp or blanketing a massive parking lot, there are several reasons why LED lighting is the first choice for many applications, including putting green applications.

Four of those reasons include:

  1. Excellent operating efficiency – No other form of lighting is as efficient as LEDs. Compared to halogen, LED lighting is more than 10 times as efficient. Compared to fluorescent, LED lighting is about twice as efficient. Those are big energy savings that mean a lower operating cost. Though LED lighting comes with a slightly higher price, LEDs make up for this with their enhanced efficiency.
  2. Extended lifespan – In addition to their efficiency, LED fixtures last much longer than other lighting technologies before replacement is required. The typical LED lamp will perform for 50,000 hours before failure is likely. Compare this to halogen (2,000 hours) and fluorescent (10,000 hours), and it’s clear that LED has a big maintenance advantage.
  3. Superior lighting quality – LED lighting quality is excellent, capable of rendering color well and evenly emitting light. Due to the way they’re engineered, LED fixtures emit directionally as well. You can aim them exactly where they’re needed and suffer no efficiency losses.
  4. Better safety – LED fixtures are shatterproof, produce little radiant heat and contain no toxic substances like mercury. That makes them a safe option for residential and outdoor settings.

LED Spot Has Everything You Need To Keep The Game Going At Night

LED Spot has helped avid golfers of every skill level set up their backyard putting green lighting. We have the LED fixtures, bulbs and accessories to start your project, along with expert advice and skill to help see the project to completion. If you’re looking to order lighting for your outdoor putting green or just want to explore your options, give the LED Spot team a call and we’ll make your golf lighting project a reality.

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