Commercial Parking Lot Light Pole Packages

The destruction can be catastrophic when a commercial parking lot lighting pole falls.  Many commercial insurance policies do not offer coverage on collisions caused by wind-blown poles.  Vehicles and human life are seriously threatened when something as big as a commercial parking lot light pole kits crashes to the earth under the force of high velocity winds.  Even if the pole fortunately misses a building, a vehicle, or a person, the replacement costs for one or two downed lights is painfully expensive.  Because of parking lot regulations in cities throughout the nation, it is not an option to delay replacement until funds become available.  Any light pole has to be replaced within stipulated time frames or any business risks penalties for non-compliance and unsafe lighting conditions.

Ordering commercial parking lot poles and lights either as upgrades or emergency replacements is more often than not confusing and complicated.  It also leaves little, if any, margin for error.  Parking lot lights are critical to security and must not only meet regulatory standards for illumination, but also strength, resistance, and light distribution requirements as well.  Without an advanced technical Car Dealer Parking Lot Light Fixturesknowledge of commercial parking lot lighting poles, customers often feel at a loss when it comes to choosing specific luminaires, determining pole height, and matching fixture and pole EPA value to wind velocities in the area.  Residential Landscape Lighting and Design offers less stress to the client and the help of a professional designer in working out the math by packaging commercial parking lot lights and poles with calculations and combinations worked out in advance.  Led Spot also provides complimentary detailed, technical information and consultation services that further customize every commercial parking lot pole lighting package we sell the to client’s precise location and industry requirements.

Commercial parking lot pole lighting kits and packagesCustom, packaged, commercial parking lot poles and lights consist of several safety and functionality considerations already taken into account and balanced against one another prior to official ordering and shipping ever taking place.  The most important of these is EPA compliance.  The Environmental Protection Agency regulates both light placement and distribution of commercial parking lot lighting fixtures and pole heights.  Fixture values regulate the angles at which the light fixture distributes the illumination, and pole EPA value directly references the ability of a commercial parking lot light pole to withstand specific wind velocities already determined meteorologically to be standard for a given region.  Many clients prefer to light their parking lots with commercial pole and fixture packages they obtain and further customize with the help of an Expert because it is easier to let Led Spot do it then for them than to attempt to develop their own parking lot lighting design completely on their own.

Led Spot does this work for our many clients, and we further customize each order when necessary to ensure that regions like the Great Plains and the Southern Gulf Coast obtain fixtures and poles that have a better chance of withstanding the force of rolling thunderstorms and seasonal hurricanes.  Several important features of our packaged commercial parking lot lights bear contribute to these key benefits.  For winds of 80-100 miles an hour that often gust from the Dakotas to Texas and Florida, it is wise to utilize commercial parking lot light poles made with one-piece construction out of a shaft of carbon steel.  These poles are square in design to remain firmly fixed in the pavement, but they have rounded corners to better enable wind to pass around them.  Every one of these packages proportionally matches specific EPA pole values to EPA fixture values, offering a number of mounting arms and tilting angles that help meet the exact requirements of the region, This makes one parking lot lighting package a commercial value to any one of the many different parts of the country.

Residential Landscape Lighting and Design takes the convenience of commercial parking lot light and pole packages one step further with customer service and consultation that few organizations provide without an invoice.  We understand that even the most carefully matched EPA ratings for fixtures and poles require adjustment and further customization to give our clients the most safe and efficient illumination around their offices, industrial facilities, public areas, schools, or churches.  Our experts are standing by to take as much time as necessary to make certain all things considered are done correctly the first time, why not call (800) 239-2939 now and see how any one of our specific packages can take commercial parking lot lighting to an entirely new level of quality assurance and safe dependable operation?