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LED Tennis Court Lighting Kit Designed for Residential Use

The LED Tennis Court Lighting Kit designed for residential use provides clear illumination that is ideal for up to level 3 play. Designed for standard 60’ X 120’ tennis courts, this kit provides ideal lighting for tennis enthusiasts that like to play at night. Whether you choose the 4 or 6 pole kit, they are available in four colors to best accentuate their surroundings, including black, white, green and bronze. If your location is near saltwater, there is an optional powder coating that can be added for extra protection from corrosion. And the LED fixtures are sustainable, providing a minimum of 60,000 hours with 120-277V LED fixtures that will keep any maintenance requirements to a minimum. With a wind rating of 140 mph, the pole/fixture combination is ideal for most residential tennis courts. However, if your wind zone is above 140 mph, please reach out for information and pricing on poles specialized for higher winds.

Tennis court lighting packages for residential use include the mounting arms, 528-watt LED fixtures and 22’ round steel poles. The prices listed below do not include sales tax, however, shipping is free.

4 Pole Tennis Court Lighting Package: $11,932

6 Pole Tennis Court Lighting Package: $17,898

Both packages come with base covers and include galvanized anchor bolts.

The above prices are effective as of 7/22/22 and are subject to change without notice. Please contact LED Spot for lead-time estimates.

Photometric Design Examples:

4 Pole Layout | 6 Pole Layout

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