Why Should Apartment Complexes Retrofit?

Large Apartment Complex After Lighting RetrofitRetrofitting apartment lighting should be considered a major priority at complexes everywhere as it provides impressive efficiency and added security benefits. Many complexes rely on older fixtures to brighten pathways, landscaping, and the front of each residence. This is usually because community managers believe upgrading an existing system would be cost-prohibitive. However, this is not the case. Instead, modern fixtures quickly pay for themselves with their superior efficiency, a brief payback period, and ancillary benefits like improved curb appeal.

Why would a complex consider retrofitting its apartment lighting?

Multi-family communities typically rely on obsolete gas discharge lamps to provide most of the illumination around the complex. These fixtures are powerful and bright compared to incandescent, but they can’t match LED fixtures in terms of reliability, output, and cost. Gas discharge lamps, as they age, have a tendency to overheat quickly, altering their color or level of brightness. When these lamps are near the end of their usefulness, they tend to dim and switch on and off regularly.

RAB LED Wall PackIf there are several older fixtures beginning to fail, it will make the complex an unsafe place to walk around at night. Criminals prefer dark areas, and a complex that keeps old fixtures is offering plenty of cover. Updating an existing system with LED fixtures can solve this problem, as these are the most reliable on the market. LED lamps have the most advanced illumination technology available, called semiconductors. This technology allows for a steady, reliable stream of light that won’t fade or blink on and off, even when the LED is near the end of its life. And this lifespan is much longer compared to gas discharge lamps or incandescent bulbs. Every LED lamp can last up to 50,000 hours, considerably reducing system maintenance and preventing the onset of hazardous dark areas.

These fixtures should be considered an investment into the community, as they can also bring in tenants who appreciate the added sophistication that comes with LED fixtures. A community that uses gas discharge lamps and weak incandescent fixtures can appear uninterested in producing a positive first impression. This can be unattractive to a potential resident and make it more difficult to bring in additional renters. Tenants may also be wowed by the community’s commitment to green living and excellent efficiency, as LED lighting is the most efficient on the market.

How can Led Spot help a community in retrofitting its apartment lighting?

Prior to every installation, they will size up the job site and determine the best way to integrate new fixtures into an existing system. Led Spot has access to imaging and photometric technology that allows them to completely visualize the results of an upgrade. With this level of planning, Led Spot will ensure that the new fixtures fit the existing surroundings perfectly and are set up to offer many years of performance to the community.