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Socket SC Base Flat Bracket, Set of 3

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This is a replacement socket with a flat bracket for mounting.

Socket comes with a 12″ lead. Custom lead length upon request.

Compatible with the following Focus Industries Fixtures:

AL-15, AL-18, AL-19, BQ-07, DL-15, CDL-15, AL-13, DL-09, DL-12, DL-13, DL-15, DL-41, PL-01, PL-05, PL-20, SL-24, PL-01, PL-03, PL-04, PL-16, PL-17, PL-21, PL-23, RXA-01, RXA-02, RXA-03, RXD-01, RXD-02, RXP-03, RXS-12, SL-14, SL-15, SL-20, SL-24, SL-35, SL-52, SL-58, SL-63, AL-34, DL-34, AL-12, PL-34

Sold in a set of 3.

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Weight 0.5 lbs


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