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LED Mercury Vapor Retrofit Module



The LUVM Series Module was conceived to replace the 175W R40 Clear Mercury Vapor utilized to create moonlight effects. The module can be retrofitted into existing R40 bullet fixtures, or it can be installed in new construction installations using several brands of Techlight R40 bullet housings. It’s primary usage is for tree lighting applications where mounting height requires high lumen output.
The LUVM Module consists of a sealed IP68 rated LED Module with IP68 rated wireway gland. Die cast heat sink designed to accommodate up to 50W of LED heat. Tempered glass lens bonded using Dow Corning mil-spec RTV silicone adhesive sealant. The LUVM driver is isolated from the LED heat and is IP66 rated for ingress against water/dust.
Using 195 2835 LED’s to provide high lumens per watt power consumption > 124 lm/W with GR filter lens, LUVM module included NTC foldback circuit which monitors LED temperature on MCPCB and will reduce driver output current in the event of high LED thermals caused by ambient temperatures above 40.0 °C or in the event of debris accumulation on fixture lens. A 10Kv surge protection device is included in module.
The LUVM module is retained in the R40 bullet housing by 4/ea stainless steel heat treated spring retainers. The module can be used in all major manufacturers’ R40 sized bullet fixtures. It is optimized for Techlight R40 bullets.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in


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