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Wind Zone Information

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This wind map is intended to be used as a general guide for lighting pole selection in a set wind speed zone.  You should always consult the local authority that has jurisdiction over the special wind region in order to determine the correct design wind speed, or if there are specific codes and ordinances that go beyond the data presented.  Maximum allowable EPA values for poles and fixtures are calculated based on a 50 year recurrence interval in accordance with AASHTO 2001, 4th Edition (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials).  Wind speed values are calculated at 3-second gust speeds for poles mounted at ground level for exposure C category.  This wind map is for basic reference only.  LED Spot will not be responsible for products installed in unusual circumstances where normal wind loads may exceed expectations. Specifiers must select appropriate product accordingly.


Popular Wind-Zone Examples By State:

California: 85 MPH  - exception: Mountainous Areas and Canyon Locations
 New York: 90-120 MPH - Depending on coastal proximity
 Florida: 100-150 MPH - Refer to enlarged map HERE

 Gulf Coast Region: It is highly recommended that you consult with the local authority as the entire Gulf Coast region resides in a hurricane wind zone which can range between 130-150 MPH and gusting beyond 195 MPH.