Batting Cage Lighting Kits

A baseball travels at very high speeds inside a batting cage. Players need to see the ball clearly without distracting glare. Creating a uniform field of illumination within the perimeter of the cage is the most important objective in batting cage lighting. Photometric analysis software has consistently demonstrated that optimal light levels need to be around 50-foot candles.

Batting Cage Lighting Photometric This is very similar to the lighting conditions of a recreational level infield. To create these conditions for players, we have developed a custom sports lighting kit that consists of a set of highly specialized fixtures and poles. This preconfigured system, developed with the best photometric 3D modeling software, has been field tested and proven to consistently concentrate the light in the cage without spilling behind the pole or shining beyond its perimeter.


Batting Cage Lighting Kits:


To achieve the best possible performance, we have configured a four pole kit. Depending on the size and location of the cage, and to some extent, surrounding light levels, mounting heights can vary between 17 feet and 20 feet. Poles are positioned high enough to circumvent ball strikes if the netting of the cage becomes loose over time.


Batting Cage Lighting KitFixture sizes range between 750W-1000W with metal halide lamps. Fixtures are configured with Type II optics. This type of optics has traditionally been used in roadway lighting. However, many years of experience, combined with the best design and analysis software, eventually proved to both us and our clients that it is equally ideal for batting cage lighting. This is because Type II optics features a left/right distribution that emits the light directly into the batting area without glare, and without excessive spill that would result in light pollution beyond the perimeter.


It makes sense to use this configuration. When you consider that roadways are narrow spaces that require bright, glare free lighting concentrated only between the boundaries of the pavement itself, then you can quickly see the parallels to lighting the interior of a narrow cage that requires a high level of visibility for player safety and performance.


LEDSpot batting cage lighting kits ensure that players will be able to see the ball in transit under conditions very similar to those of an actual game. These kits also keep facilities in compliance with many dark sky laws. Fixture housings and pole heights minimize the risk of equipment damage, making the kit a low-maintenance investment that can operate for years without the need for repair or replacement.